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The history of Cleangroove

As an avid vinyl dealer for over 20 years, I have always been concerned with maintaining records to provide the best possible audio quality.

After extensive testing of various cleaning machines, I finally discovered that ultrasound was the only alternative for me. However, the high cost of the machines led me to look for a sustainable alternative that was accessible to the general public.

So I launched the first version of CleanGroove, which was enthusiastically received by consumers.

Two years later, I decided to launch CleanGroove V2, with a more modern design and new features to provide an even more satisfying experience for users. I am proud of this product and I am convinced that it will be received with as much enthusiasm as the first version.

My aim is to enable everyone to enjoy the beauty and sound quality of vinyl, without having to spend a fortune on maintenance.

I am passionate about making analogue music accessible to all and helping to preserve the cultural heritage of vinyl for future generations.



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