Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Vinyl Cleaning Kit

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Discover our vinyl cleaning kit, perfect for everyday use. It's designed to eliminate dust and maintain your precious vinyl records, leaving their surface spotless, without a trace nor residues.


This complete kit includes the essentials for looking after your vinyl collection:
1️⃣ An elegant box storage space for all your accessories.
2️⃣ 250 ml spray with a unique formula, developed after years of research and development.
3️⃣ A microfibre High-quality ultra-absorbent pad with a density of 350 GSM, which leaves a minimum of moisture after cleaning.
4️⃣ A round microfibre specially designed to gently deposit discs without risk of scratching.
5️⃣ A label protector to avoid contact with the cleaning fluid.
6️⃣ A carbon brush to effectively clean the stylus after vinyl cleaning.


Our vinyl cleaning kit is the ideal accessory for indispensable for all vinyl lovers, guaranteeing the best possible listening experience in any room. preserving the quality of your discs.Give your collection the care it deserves.
This vinyl care kit offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. very affordable priceplacing it among the most competitive on the market.
Don't delay, seize this opportunity as of now !

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