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GrooveBox LP The Case For Your Vinyl Records (KALLAX)

Discover the GrooveBox LP The ultimate storage solution for your precious vinyl records. This wooden crate combines strong and light to provide exceptional protection for your beloved music collection.

Each GrooveBox LP is designed with authenticity, using natural wood to create an original and unique piece. Perfect for music lovers who appreciate the timeless charm of wood.

With a storage capacity of 70 to 80 vinyl records, the GrooveBox LP offers ample space for your growing collection. What's more, it's compatible with all the furniture in the KALLAX by IKEAYou'll be able to integrate it harmoniously into your living space.

Give your vinyl the storage it deserves with the GrooveBox LPa perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics for demanding music lovers

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The advantages of the Groovebox 45 vinyl crate


Compatible with all IKEA KALLAX furniture.

Lightweight and strong

Combines strength and lightness for greater durability.


An authentic and original design.

Easy to use

Organising your vinyl is child's play.

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Discover GrooveBox

Discover a vinyl storage solutionspecially designed to guarantee securing your disks while adding an exceptional design touch to your living room or dedicated space. This elegant solution also comes at a very affordable price.

Designed and developed to be com

Discover the GrooveBox LP unique storage for your vinyl, compatible with furniture KALLAX from IKEA. Its design combines style and functionality for an ideal storage solution.

Lightweight, durable and practical

This real wood crate has been designed to meet the needs of modern vinyl collectors. Every detail of the GrooveBox LP reflects a commitment to quality, while its sturdy design makes it easy to transport and store.





Solid wood 




Approx. 80XLP (12″)

Dimensions Ext



GrooveBox LP

Looking for the best storage for your vinyl?

do you still have questions?

It's a wooden box specially designed for optimum storage of your vinyl records.

The capacity of these LP vinyl record cases is around 80, depending on the thickness of the sleeves.

Of course, the same kind of crate is available on the site, so go and have a look, it's worth it.

These crates are passionately crafted from solid wood, using sustainable species.



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